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Issues with Medication for Mental Health

I frequently find that as an addictions expert in the field of mental health, many health professionals are not looking at addiction as the “primary disease”. This can result in issues with medication for mental health. They only see the mental health issue. I understand it can be often confusing. In fact, people who are […]

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Fun Stuff

  Sometimes, we need a list of things to do either with a group or by ourselves to see….it’s especially hard if we are depressed or discouraged…so my groups of clients came up with some of these ideas.  I call it “general fun ideas for activities” and we use it for our therapeutic group socials. […]

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Self Care

Click here for some ideas that really seem to help self care.   There is a way to really get support.  I call it “Bookending” which is taken from the Work Addicts Anonymous Program. Click here for my process to use it.   Click here: Assertiveness is probably the hardest thing for most of us…Here is […]

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