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Michele Downey is an RN, MAC, LMFT in private practice since 1987 and a nurse since 1977. She has been producing a series of meditational music and instructional audio’s in concert with the Australian recording artists, “The Chill Sessions”. As the founder of her own Recovery Life Coaching School, her coaches specialize in families affected by mood disorders and addictions. In 2011, she also expanded her offices to include LA and San Diego. She lives in Hollywood with Bob Womack, President of Steve Kaufman Art and RawSakStudioinc.,World’s Premier Pop Artists.

Michele has been on the teaching faculty with Dr. Vernon Johnson as the Adolescent Intervention Specialist with the annual Intervention Symposium with the Johnson Institute at Scripp’s Hospital as well as a former member of the Mc Donald Center Intervention Panel. She helped pioneer staff co-treatment privileges by LMFT’s (formerly called MFCC’s) at several area hospitals.

She participated in the Intervention video sponsored by “Project Drug Free” as consultant, which was shown on Cablevision and subsequently won the National Family Video Awards in 1991. She hosted and directed a video shown on Daniel’s Cablevision called “Kids Who Do Drugs & Alcohol and Parents Who Share Their Stories”.

In 1991 and July 1992, she was quoted in HEALTH and PEOPLE magazines regarding her private practice on Family Intervention. Consulting to NBC Dateline’s Jane Pauley regarding intervention and eating disorders and has been on several radio and TV programs.

She completed an intervention at a community level in Imperial County with the County Office of Education. In a two-year period, she implemented a unique Student Assistance Program with the 14 school districts and 32 school sites and developed a newsletter. These core groups are continuing 25 years later. During those two years, she served as an instructor through UCSD Continuing Education Dept. on Student Assistance Programs for Teachers.

Michele has created and implemented parenting workshops and recovery manuals for churches, schools and communities. She has co-authored a book on Mood Disorders with Dr. Namir Damluji, who is Clinical Professor at UCSD Dept. of Psychiatry and Medical Director of the Damluji Research Center.  Dr. Damluji is a neuro-biochemical psychiatrist/researcher.

Their published book is available on called “Feeling Terrific: 4 strategies for overcoming Depression using Mood Regulation Therapy” co-authored with Dr. Damluji and Renee Sievert, RN LMFT. Michele continues to create workbooks and manuals as well as a series of ebooks.

Michele continues to create Meditation and Visualization CD’s and DVD’s in conjunction with the Australian recording artist, Glenn Heaten, called “The Chill Sessions”. She has an entire collection of CD’s and DVD’s ranging from relaxation and visualization spoken word, bin-aural beats for the brain, subliminal music for prosperity, anxiety, sleep and health. Also in this series are unique spoken journeys to help with centering, healing and the practice of mindfulness.

She is also the creative producer and host of the radio show “Design for Living” on the Amazing Power of Women produced by Raven International.