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Barbara C (Part 1) of Speaker with Don

The Heart Lady

 Barbara shares her early childhood as the daughter of alcoholic parents and her great ability to survive and ultimately thrive as she learned her tools in Al-Anon.

(The other Al-Anon speaker was of Don C, Barbara’s husband, sharing his experience, strength and hope of over 30 years of recovery.  Inspiring story of how it affected him.)

Both were asked to speak as a married couple at an Alanon Speakers meeting.


Barbara C known as “The Heart Lady”

Known as “The Heart Lady”, Barbara shares some of the stories in her book known by the same name.  These are heartwarming stories about her practice of making and giving out hearts made out of construction paper and lots of love to people everywhere.

New Book signing of “the Heart Lady”
The Heart Lady

Don C (Part 2) of speaker with wife, Barbara C.

Don C as he shares with his wife, Barbara C. the “Heart Lady”


An Al-Anon talk that was recorded of Don C and his experience strength and hope of working the program.  Includes sensitive topics of molest.

Don and his wife, Barbara have been married 65 years and have been in Alanon for over 30 years.  They have a message of recovery each from their own perspective.

Master Life Coach Renee Sievert

Renee relaxing
Renee is relaxing after a long day of Equus Coaching

Shares her inspirational talk about how she finally got to do what she absolutely loves, which is working with people and horses as an Equestrian Coach.  How she followed her intuition in each phase of her life and illustrates how you can too.

Equis Coaching Michele
Michele loves her day at Equus coaching with Renee

“True Recovery” by Michele Downey RN, MAC, LMFT

True Recovery
Article published in 12 step magazine Dec 2016 issue on recovery involving every aspect not just a few aspects of recovery.

Step 12 Magazine – December 2016 (p. 40)
“True Recovery”

When I first worked in the hospital as a nursing assistant, they asked me if I would go to the new CARE alcohol unit they were starting. I knew it was a new adventure because nobody knew if this would even work in a hospital. I also knew nobody volunteered to do it because they were scared. I went. It worked out. So I began my long and fruitful journey studying and working in the treatment and addiction field. Along the way, I had the director of a treatment program who told me that a requirement to be in the job I had to go to Al-Anon and have a sponsor. Since I was working with these alcoholics 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, I would be spending more time with them than their families. If the family needed treatment, so did I. (Of course, today he couldn’t get away with that kind of direction but that Eskimo saved my personal and professional life).

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