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What are the Recovery Life Coach Training Requirements?

We far exceed the requirements from The International Coaching Federation’s requirements for a Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Their requirements are:

  • 200 hours of coach specific training
  • 10 hours of Mentor Supervision
  • Coaching log of 2500 hours of coaching experience
  • Performance Evaluation with 2 audio recordings and written transcripts of coaching sessions

Michele Downey and Associates certification requirements for the Master’s level are:

  • 400 hours plus 600 hours of coaching education and training
  • 200 hours of documented coaching clients
  • Training other Recovery Life Coaches
  • Constant evaluations and guidance

In addition:

  • An LMFT constantly supervises the coaches and reviews each session’s documentation
  • A well supervised coach is critical to the safety and success of a client
  • Coaches are required to be active in a 12-Step program of recovery
  • Coaches must continue to practice self-care by taking medications if prescribed by their doctor
  • Coaches inventory themselves with a trusted advisor and make amends for any undesirable behavior
  • Coaches must have had rigorous therapy so as to avoid counter-transference and other issues
  • First hand experience with addiction and/or mood disorders
  • Each of us have the experience of healing profound mental and emotional issues
  • We teach life altering tools and techniques that can be used in dealing with many circumstances as life unfolds