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Healthy Things to do When Sick


This is a list that people have offered from groups that can be done when we are sick and can’t get to a meeting.  This is the time the dis-ease can most “attack” our thoughts.  We can end up isolating, getting more depressed, thinking negative thoughts, more concerned about our health and finances, and overall moody and grumpy too.  If we are prone to distorted thoughts, this is the time we are most likely to have them and not even know.  

Because we can’t exercise when we are sick and a lot of the daily routine in our life is now disrupted, this is fertile ground to go to our default and worry.  Certainly since we can’t make meetings, we start to isolate and “end up in a bad neighborhood” our head.

If we don’t have a list made out ahead of time and a few “supplies” on hand, most people won’t spontaneously remember what to do to keep their healthy mindset and their recovery.

So it is advised you make up your own list or add to this list (when you are not sick) and have it available when illness does happen.  (We’re human, and it will happen)


  1. Gratitude journal
  2. A to Z gratitude list
  3. Call someone else and see how they are doing (get out of self and possible self-pity)
  4. Reach out and tell your sponsor or support person you are sick
  5. Reach out to someone for TLC “poor baby” and this is OK for our inner child.
  6. Put on AA or Alanon or program 12 step audios and listen to speakers
  7. (There is an app with speakers on your IPhone you can order)
  8. (You can go to youtube and virtually find anything for free that is on this list)
  9. Relaxation, visualization or hypnosis audios listen to them
  10. (There are specific kinds of apps for different things like Abraham Hicks)
  11. Have a bunch of audios and books that are from inspirational or motivational speakers that you reserve just for this kind of attitude adjustment.
  12. Puzzles, adult coloring books, card games (apps on Iphones)
  13. Modeling clay, Femo, play do or anything you can do with your hands.
  14. Playing spa music or classic music or anything soothing
  15. Watch comedies like “Monk” or old TV shows like the Carol Burnett or Mash
  16. Watch inspirational movies like “The Secret”or “Down the Rabbit Hole”
  17. Have a set of affirmations that you use especially during this time
  18. Affirmations could be on cards or recorded in your own voice (Most imp self hypnosis voice is your own) or color dots to remind you to say them outloud.
  19. “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” Universal Affirmation
  20. Any kind of religious or spiritual practice…
    1. Examples include certain prayers or using sage to clear a space or light a candles, use a God Box with your request for healing and the date on paper,
  21. Nurturing food…have someone get some chicken noodle or chicken tostado soup at your favorite store or restaurant (Costco or El Especial Norte)
  22. Knitting or crocheting
  23. Any you tube video on how to
  24. Pinterest..create boards of health or travel or pets or……
  25. Pet therapy…hug your own dog or cat or borrow someone else’s.
  26. Reading inspirational literature especially regarding healing.
  27. Listen to your favorite podcasts like Joel Olsteen or Brendon Burchard
  28. Please add to this list!!!!!

Michele Downey