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You might be curious to see what might be different or special with me…so…. here are a few things you might need to know for starters.

Some recent statistics say that out of every 10 people that need mental health support, perhaps 3 receive it.  I imagine some of the various reasons might include distrust, time constraints, schedule, cost, distance, fear, ignorance or just plain bad experiences. I attempt to address these issues as best as I can.  I believe there should never be a reason someone can’t get professional help if they want or need it.  For that reason, I have also included many additional resources to my own in my links and resources section.

As a young woman, I was particularly grateful to the counselors and therapists who took time to listen to me and  help me.  They worked with my situation and re-parented much of my thinking and old ideas about myself and the world. They supported my journey, my values and assisted in my development.  I was told to pass it on.  I believe that I am doing that today!

I specialize in families affected by Mood Disorders and Addictions. I’ve done this consistently since 1975. I have worked in every form of hospital, inpatient and outpatient programs,clinics and seen many things. Most of that is not something that can be learned in school or a few years in private practice or a hospital.
There is also so much new information and HOPE with the rapid developments in brain science, wellness, medication and alternative forms of healing.

You have many choices when it comes to getting help of any kind. I realize I am one of many…but there is only one kind of person that does the specific type of unique intervention based community private practice that I have for over 30 years…

You can’t read that in a book, learn it in school or pretend to know it…it comes from experience…and I can definitely offer that…along with my credentials and the huge number of clients and their families that have recovered and thrived..

I can even help people who don’t want help and don’t think they need help. I do it by working with their families in my unique intervention based practice.

To get to know me better and my philosophy better, I have included a few video’s that express better than I ever could, how I feel about mental health and addictions….

Check out this advertisement for mental health by Harrison Ford or

Check out this video about mental illness as a disease in this 2 minute documentary film clip:

Glenn Close does a fabulous commercial in this one or

Check out the video about addiction as a disease concept in this 2 minute documentary film clip. 

Is it really a disease? or

Genetics and Addiction/The Hope with Recovery or

Hyperfrontality in addiction/The Choice Argument or

stress and addiction/Relapse signs or

World’s Most Dangerous Drug…Meth /Brain information or

and additional information on the Teen or Adolescent Brain by Discovery Channel is a 6 minute film you may enjoy

I also had a client show me the best “emotional literacy” website…take a look at it here: your emotional literacy

and on emotional abuse:

For renting or buying the documentary on mental illness, please look up on Itunes or the name “No Kidding, me 2” by Joey Pantoliano.  I highly recommend it!! It’s 2.99 rental and 9.99 to buy it.