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Newsletter October 2015

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Michele Downey

It’s been a true pleasure to see how things are evolving on this end. Not that everything is smooth sailing but it’s getting a little easier.

The Recovery Coaches and I attended the 6th Early Childhood Mental Health Conference. We were blown away by how much new information and services are now available. We had a booth at the conference and met several outstanding people in the community whose hearts and souls are at the forefront of the crisis. It’s especially heartening to know San Diego is the pilot project for the nation in heading up changes.

Recovery Life Coach Ann Hoskinson at the Early Childhood Development Conference

Did you know that we are the first Trauma Informed City? We are paving the way for the entire country! With all the systems changes, we will be the first trauma informed integrated Health and Human Services Agency. We have trauma informed care and mental health screening in juvenile hall and therefore full clinical assessments. We now have a trauma responsive unit in juvenile hall with treatment intervention with over 1000 officers who have taken this mandatory training already. For the first time the funds from the Probation Department are partnered with the Public Health and Human Services County Mental Health funds to produce this conference. SD County is larger than 21 other states. With 800,000 on Medi-Cal in San Diego, we have an income challenge. That is 1 out of 4 people have an increased risk around trauma. (We know that now trauma changes the entire brain structure).

Our schools have started 8 years ago with the help of Councilwoman, Marty Emerald to educate their staff. The task force at the Family Justice Center working with battered women (and men), another first in the nation, has helped educate policy makers and thus instigate this healing in the community. To read more on this, click the link —> “Professionals in the Field”

Another surprise was the huge turnout at the conference for Compassion Fatigue. The room was packed. Even the presenter was surprised with the numbers. Who takes care of the “healers”? This is a topic that has rarely been addressed and only as an afterthought.  It’s been a passion of mine since I have worked in this field for over 30 years. To read more on this, click the link  —> “Compassion Fatigue

I want to thank Renee Sievert especially for all that she has done with the conference recently and supporting our coaches. She headed up the organization for that conference with 500 attendees over the 3 days. Her supervision and added wisdom is an integral part of our group success.

Michele Downey at Equus Training by Renee Sievert

Here’s a picture of me on my therapeutic equine day. It was unbelievable!!

I also had the pleasure of “commissioning” Bob Womack to do a painting of me. I chose the good witch Glinda with her wand waving over Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I wanted this image because Dorothy always had the power with her ruby red slippers…she just didn’t know it.

Michele as Fairy Godmother painting by Bob Womack

I feel that this is the message I am trying to impart as well with my clients and families. I do need a better wand, however, but I’m working on that!!! His art graced our booth at the conference, too. It was beautiful as you can see!

Fairy on Flower painting by Bob Womack
Fairy on Bird of Paradise painting by Bob Womack

I also had him do some of my favorite fairies too!!! I want to do a children’s book on these fairies. When I was young and lived in Scotland, I had quite the experience with these “wee folk”, much to the worry of my medically oriented parents.

Bob can do any commissioned art piece for you. Please check out the ones he has created on his website He recently did a huge bunch of paintings for Stan Lee (whom I recently got to meet) of his action figures.

Stan Lee painting by Bob Womack

Here’s one he did for Stan Lee’s Hollywood Walk of Fame plaque that he is holding of all his cameo appearances with all of his movies, as a gift from Bob at his office.

(His wife wants that one in their living room and not at the office!!)

My new store contains lots of goodies I can share with everyone. I am especially proud of the audios and meditational music that I have collaborated with Glenn Heaton and the Chill Sessions. He is using some of these audios to work with his new app for professionals. In Australia, he is working with the schools where this app will provide education for the students with what we have created. ABC recently licensed his music for their “Atmosphere” section.

It’s ironic, that although I have personally never met this man who lives in Australia, he and I have collaborated for over 10 years and feel we have known each other in so many ways. He has a heart of gold and has been trying to help us healers get our messages out.

The Recovery Life Coaches are busy at work getting products prepared as we launch our Families Program. It is unique in that it provides the much needed education that used to be part of the treatment modality for the families and the identified patient. What is unique and more beneficial is that it is individualized.

Dr. Namir Damluji and Dr. Amy Pearson assisted with referring one of their families to us, and with the 8- week module, we all were pleased with the results. The doctors received the education modules and updates as we went along. The family received the information and the needed intervention was provided. All involved understood the need for immediate change in behavior so we felt it was a success.

The Recovery Coaches provide the added assistance that will help our families get the added assistance that therapists and psychiatrists don’t have time to do. We are now ready to roll out this unique model of Family Intervention Treatment and Education!!! I’m soooo excited!!

As you can see here, the coaches have been hard at work 😉

recovery life coaches, addiction, PTSD
Recovery Life Coaches still find humor in dealing with addiction and PTSD

We have a great deal of fun at our workshops too!!

We work so hard, so you don’t have to. 🙂

The Amazing Women of Power radio show has been airing for almost a year. I can’t believe that I have been a radio show host, producer and engineer for a radio show that hits the highest ratings for inspirational shows. Please check out some of these shows!!

We are so blessed!

There’s lots more…but I’ll save it for another day!! Whew, I didn’t realize how much has been happening!!!