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Practical Benefits of Prayer and Meditation

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I thought I’d start my blog by reviewing the practical benefits of prayer and meditation.  It has been well documented that people have health benefits from these 2 practices. There are many forms and opinions on how and why certain techniques are benefical.  However, one thing I have found for sure…for certain….That is that it works.  It’s one of the practices I feel for myself I must do daily due to the work I do.  As a therapist, coach, teacher and mentor…and mother and grandmother…not to mention human helps me get centered and do the very best work I can do.

I have found 8 major benefits.  I imagine there are countless others.  But for purposes of my first blog, I will summarize what I have found to be the top 8 practical reasons.

  • By knowledge and experience, I have found a strength not ordinarily my own.
  • I have found wisdom beyond my usual capacity.  I have had ideas formed out of “nowhere”. Ideas that were truly remarkable.
  • Peace of mind that stands firmly in the face of difficult circumstances. This peace of mind increased over time and with each situation.
  • A sense of belonging and the sure knowledge I don’t live in a completely hostile world
  • I no longer feel lost and frightened and without a purpose.  For sure, I experience these feelings of loneliness and fear.  I wonder sometimes what is my purpose but those moments are quickly replaced.
  • I have had a sense of truth, justice and love that is , even for a moment, is real and eternal.  I no longer am deeply disturbed by things despite the seeming evidence to the contrary.
  • I KNOW that my Higher Power lovingly watches over me.  It’s a knowledge that is deep and experiential.  Not a hunch or hope or theory.
  • That when I turn to my HIgher Power for direction, all is and will be well.

Obviously I didn’t have these benefits immediately when I first started this practice sincerely.  It took a lot of trial and error and discipline. It took trying a lot of other people’s ideas about how to pray and meditate.  I had to leave behind what I thought I knew. I had to forget what I was taught as a child, at least in part, so i could be open to this new way of thinking and being in the world. Then I was able to grow on my own and decide what felt and was right for me.

I encourage everyone to do the same!!! And enjoy the same practical benefits it has afforded me.

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