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Sometimes, we need a list of things to do either with a group or by ourselves to see….it’s especially hard if we are depressed or discouraged…so my groups of clients came up with some of these ideas.  I call it “general fun ideas for activities” and we use it for our therapeutic group socials.

Movies, Croquet or games like scrabbleBadminton or tennis games.Going to a putt-putt golf area or family fun center.

Walking on a beautiful part of the beach.

Going to an open meeting of some 12-step group.

Exploring a toy store as a group.

Investigating events in the paper that are socially and culturally available.

(Michele has a newspaper foldout that has many of these types of ideas)

Plays, free concerts, coffee shops with music.


Visiting someone’s home

Having a meal you prepare and share

A pot luck

Playing Twister, etc.



Drawing, painting, using clay or paper mache materials.

Collages or other art types of projects like a mandella or dream wheel.

A video on a subject of interest

A home video

Reading poetry

Making collages of dreams, life, goals or other subjects.

Going to a museum, looking at photography exhibits artwork, etc.

Sharing family pictures with one another.

Producing a short skit or dance.

Skipping rope, hula hooping, swinging on swings.

Coloring in coloring books.

Making up characters and voices and recording it on a tape machine.

A “make-over” of one or two of the group members.

A member giving a piano concert, singing, or playing an instrument.

Carving shapes out of ivory soap.

Looking up ideas on the Internet, local library or craft books.

Making “inner child” houses with items gotten a “Michael’s” or craft store.

Watercolors, oils, drawing, ink, cartoons, tracing characters.

Arranging and pretending to have a “banquet” with a theme.

Character costumes

Making or flying a box kite

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